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Golden Pest Solution is considered as a leading service provider in West Bengal as well as Eastern India. Dealing with the Pest Control and Termite Control Services, We also deal with Disinfection Services like Office and House Sanitization agaignst this deadly Corona Virus. They feed voraciously on wood and are akin to destroy paper products such as books, cardboard, boxes and a whole array of other items. the total consideration of this fact enables us to speed up the process of insect control and get the best termite control. It is true that most of us insure our houses to help recover loss arising from fires, storms, and earthquakes, but is it possible to carry insurance against termite infestation? A termite colony is large and well organized. They comprise a queen, king, and winged reproductive swarmer, soldiers and workers. Worker termites are the ones who are small, creamy and white insects.

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